Personalize Your Wedding With Photos

More and more couples are striving to make their weddings as unique as possible. Every bride-to-be wants her wedding to be the ultimate wedding. From your color palette to your clothes, there are countless ways to personalize your wedding. Some smart brides make their own wedding dress or headdress to make their Look unique. Others choose elaborate themes like the Middle Ages to highlight your wedding. But our favorite method to personalize your wedding is photography.

If you are like most couples, you will have dozens and dozens of images from the last few years together when your wedding is going on. Here are 7 creative ways to use your photos in your wedding decor.

Ceremony and reception decoration

Embellish the room with snapshots of the happy couple. Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by hanging photos of the bride and groom over the years along the aisle, with photos of the bride on one side and photos of the groom on the other.

Or dress up Your Reception venue with Photos. Not only will you save money on flowers, but your photos will entertain guests by giving them the opportunity to look at photos of the two of you in the room.

Table accessories and table numbers

Many couples decorate tables with floral centerpieces, but you can easily create fun and economical centerpieces with photos.

For your table numbers, use photos of the bride and groom growing up. If you have enough images from your childhood, try to take a photo of any age and use it with the appropriate table number.

Wedding cake

Many couples garnish the wedding cake with bows, ribbons or flowers, but did you know that you can put edible images in the icing on the cake? It’s really unique and your guests can have fun eating their faces!

Fun favors

Photo booths have been popular in weddings for several years, and it’s no surprise why; they bring excitement and serious fun to your big day. But now couples are taking it a step further and instead of sending each guest home with a photo strip, each guest can take an inch of their photos home.

Thumb film are currently one of the most popular trends for interactive and personalized wedding favors and are perfect for giving guests a special souvenir of the day.

Show Your Family History

The only purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the merger of two families, and what better way to show this than to arrange a table with family photos? You can show your ancestry and give a glimpse of the other person’s background.

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