Brand Your Wedding In Simple Steps

Determining the general appearance of your wedding involves much more than choosing its details. Instead, the process is very similar to what a company would go through when creating a brand. Details such as style, colors, tone and visual elements (such as a logo) are important. If you are wondering how to get the same type of treatment for your event, we share tips on how to mark your wedding day below.

Properly planning your wedding means breaking each task down into simple and achievable steps-and we feel the same way about creating a brand for your celebration. The ultimate goal is for your evening to have a consistent look, but it probably seems overwhelming to you at the beginning. So we have simplified the process in five simple steps to follow below!

1. Look for your wedding Style

We all have a personal style that we focus on, and your marriage is really no different. The first step is to determine your wedding style. Since visuals are so important for this step, Pinterest is a great tool. Start by collecting images that inspire you, whether it’s houses, fashion or weddings. Don’t feel like you have to change at the beginning — just save and go. You will probably see a separate style once you have saved a solid collection of photos (think: 15-25 pictures). From there, you can reduce your group to 5 to 10 images that really capture the look you’re hoping to get.

2. Determine The Colors of your Wedding,

The style of your wedding and the colors of your wedding can sometimes go hand in hand, so the first two steps to mark your wedding are almost interchangeable. However, we postponed this step to the second position, since it is likely that your wedding style will help you guide your color choice. Once you have saved a grouping of photos of your wedding style step, take a closer look. Not only is it likely that you have limited your style, it is also very possible that you have directly (or indirectly) chosen the colors of your wedding.

3. Look at your tone

Your guests will get a first glimpse of what to expect on their wedding day, thanks to your wedding invitation and wedding invitation. Since both pieces are written, the tone is an important detail to convey. If you are organizing a more formal affair, your tone will be more traditional and polite. If you are organizing a wedding in the garden, a romantic wording may seem more suitable for you. A relaxed or modern industrial wedding could highlight your fun and trendy side. All these options are great to use, but their tone is something you want to carry in all your WRITTEN elements (remember: save data, invitations, programs, escort cards, menus, cocktail signage, etc.) and of course it is important to keep this tone consistent and consistent in every printed detail.

4. Choose your Visual Elements

Once you have completed the first three preliminary stages, you are ready to immerse yourself in the visual elements of your wedding brand. The most obvious piece that many couples like to create or include is a wedding logo. A logo can look like anything! You may want to use a monogram, typography or illustration to be part of the logo of your wedding. Your logo can contain your favorite animal, a significant place or an object that you both like (books, team, means of transport) — the sky is really the limit here. The important thing is that the logo of your wedding tells a visual story about the relationship you share with each other and that it gives your guests a picture of who you are in a relationship.

Creating a logo is often not something that couples do without the help of a professional. A graphic designer can offer a lot of help during this phase! A designer can check your inspiration, ask questions and create your logo for you. But they also design it with programs that allow you to have all the right sizes to use your logo on everything from your wedding stationery to a dance floor gobo. You can also go to Etsy to buy a custom logo or create your own using our favorite DIY design tool: Canva!

5. Building on cohesion

We pointed this out by exploring every step of the branding of marriage, but cohesion is the key. The brands that many of us love use the same style, colors, tone, and logos in every element seen by dedicated fans. The same goes for your marriage. You want to wear the style, color palette, tone and logo of your wedding during your celebration. This makes things easier and also creates a direct visual story for your guests to follow. To make visualization easier, create a wedding vision table to fully express the way you imagine the big day!

Go ahead and mark the day of your wedding

Like many other aspects of wedding planning, creating a branded wedding is much easier than you think! If you divide the process into stages, such as choosing the style, colors, tone and visual elements of your wedding, it will become possible to wear a consistent wedding brand during your celebration. And the result is a wedding day look reminiscent of something a professional brand agency could design. Your guests will be delighted!

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