Fabulous Wedding Flowers Of This Year

Today it’s all about wedding flowers – and no wonder the List starts with the ROSE! The Rose has been in the top ten for years and promises to maintain this ranking for years to come. Read more, Are you surprised by the best wedding flowers in 2022? We could name them all and only spoil one or two in the ranking — how will they cope?

In no particular order, we present these best wedding flowers and ask if you have any favorite flowers that are not on our List.


For a long time, the Rose has been considered a symbol of beauty and love and is included in many myths and fairy tales. Romantic writers and poets have used the flower over the centuries as a metaphor for emotion, beauty, passion and true love. A star in the world of weddings, The Rose is far from boring, especially when it comes to color – the Rose is available in monochrome and two-tone variants, and there are also striped roses and roses with lace. More than three thousand varieties of roses are grown commercially, many are available all year round and surprisingly affordable. And although roses are associated with a luxurious fragrance, not all roses are fragrant. Three main types are likely to be candidates for your wedding flowers: hybrid tea roses (the classic, uniformly shaped commercial roses usually seen at your local florist), spray roses (a Rose with five to ten small heads on each stem and a “natural, garden-grown” appearance) and garden roses (expensive, old-fashioned varieties with bushy, open heads and delicious scents).


This flower is often used in flower beds or as a bouquet filler, small bell-shaped flowers that hang on a thin stem, lily of the valley is sometimes called the “ladder to the sky”.”The fresh and fragrant scent of its tiny flowers is undeniable. In Norse Mythology, the flower is associated with Ostara, the goddess of spring, and although it is most common at this time of year, it remains available most of the year — and very expensive. So while a handful of lily of the valley might be your dream, a affordable alternative might be to use just a few stems to add its wonderful scent to a bouquet or centerpiece. Most people are familiar with the white variety, but lily of the valley also exists in a very rare pink rose.


The peony has a large full head, a strong fragrance and a bright color. Despite this external peculiarity, the flower acquired the Victorian meaning of “shyness. Cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and developed by the French, the peony is available in two main types, the herbaceous peony and the tree peony (whose flowers do not last so long in cutting). A bouquet consisting exclusively of peonies can look beautiful; the flower can also be used to create beautiful centers and arrangements. This expensive flowering is grown in single and double-flowered varieties and is available seasonally from after spring to early summer, but can be imported in the fall.


Although it is most often associated with the Netherlands, this flower is actually native to Persia. Tulip means “all-consuming love” and “happy years” and can be a wise choice for marriage. The flowers are grown in a variety of colors, including white and cream; pastel shades like pink, yellow, and peach; and vibrant shades like Magenta, red, and purple. The most common tulips available for much of the year are very affordable, although rare varieties can be expensive. The versatile tulip can enhance both elegant wedding environments and casual venues and is suitable for almost any permutation — from bouquets to boutonnieres to table arrangements. Three main varieties are commonly used: Dutch tulips (usually seen in neighborhood flower shops and in gardens), French tulips (expensive and elegant, with extra long stems and large tapering flowers), and parrot tulips (known for their striated and ruffled petals of intense colors).


Sometimes buttercup can be more affordable than roses or peonies. All flowers, of course, depend on the season! First seen by Westerners in the Far East in the 19th century, this slightly fragrant flower has several flowers on one stem with fern-like foliage. Wearing buttercups means saying to your partner in the Victorian language of flowers: “I am blinded by your charms.”A natural for the bride’s bouquet or bridesmaids’ noses, buttercup also makes a whimsical boutonniere and is available in many colors, including white, yellow, Orange and pink. Because really, who doesn’t want to be blinded?


With its large bushy head and intense shades of pink, sapphire, Burgundy and purple, it is no wonder that the hydrangea represented “vanity” in the Victorian floral language. One of the most popular varieties, depending on the acidity of the soil, changes from chewing gum pink to sky sapphire. One or two stems of this inexpensive and fragrance-free Shrub flower will help to fill Arrangements and bouquets, and a few twigs will make a charming boutonniere. You can find hydrangea in white and green tones, pink, Burgundy and sapphire.

Marguerite Gerbera

The Victorian meaning of this flower is “marital happiness”, which makes the little white Stephanotis an obvious choice for weddings. The waxy star-shaped flowers actually grow on a flowering vine; each must be individually wired or placed on a special stand before they can be arranged. A Stephanotis flower bouquet is one of the most traditional that a bride can wear, and a Stephanotis boutonniere is a classic choice for a formal wedding. Slightly fragrant, inexpensive (but you pay for the work if your florist prepares a bouquet) and available all year round.


Surrounded by dark green and waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia exudes a heavy and sensual fragrance. It was this intoxicating fragrance that captivated an English naval captain who traveled through South Africa in 1754, prompting him to take home one of the native plants as a souvenir. Gardenias are beautifully placed in a bouquet of flowers or float in a low bowl as a centerpiece, and a single gardenia makes a wonderfully fragrant Bodice or hair accessory. But be careful: the delicate and creamy Ivory petals of this expensive flower can easily get bruises. Large three- to four-inch flowers as well as a miniature variety are available.

What was your score? Have you guessed all the best wedding flowers in 2022? We were surprised that orchids were not on the List….. any surprises for you?

Of course, the best wedding flowers in 2022 depend not only on your region but also on personal preferences and the background of a bride. My favorite flower for a Bride is definitely the Gardenia! Why? This was my grandmother’s favorite flower and she not only grew it in her garden, she always wore a “jungle garden”! I can see them every time I smell that intoxicating scent! And yes, I prefer the real deal from the jungle garden! Let’s face it, for some, it’s an acquired taste!

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