Hiring A Wedding Planners Helps In Many Ways

We all know them from TV shows and Hollywood movies like The Wedding Planner. But what do wedding planners actually do and why we really need to hire one?

The truth is: there are so many reasons to hire a wedding planner to help you with one of the most important days in your life! After all, even if initially you don’t think you need one, remember that planning a wedding involves a lot of work. There’s a good chance your vision and your budget will need a reality check. A wedding planner will help you to get the wedding of your dreams while respecting your budget! These pros aren’t afraid to have those hard conversations with you and they know how to get you the most for your money. Wedding planners don’t just look pretty and wear high heels (hey JLo) – they are event managers and project planners, calculators and controllers, mediators and negotiators, coordinators and crisis managers, creators and inspirers – in other words, constant companions!


Many engaged couples have full-time jobs or are very busy, so the timeline for planning a wedding is usually tight. In addition, the organization of a wedding requires a lot of research and time: Looking for the right location, a talented photographer, a good cake baker, a cool band, and finding the perfect gown, of course. Let’s face it, there are time-consuming price comparisons, coordination appointments as well as numerous phone calls and e-mails. With a Wedding Planner, these time-consuming tasks are no longer a concern. You tell them about your ideas, wishes, and dreams and they can take care of the research, compare, reserve, book, call, coordinate, and create!


Their strength is your advantage: With wedding planning, catering, event technology, furniture as well as other services you have the possibility to get everything from one source. Wedding planners have a large network of wedding professionals with numerous contacts and service providers for every taste and budget. They work with reliable partners, which know the market prices and the most beautiful locations for every kind of wedding celebration. They can make suggestions for you to really narrow down the options of wedding vendors.


Wedding Planners take control of the budget and keep it in mind at all times. No one else is as familiar with budgeting a wedding as a Wedding Planner. So they also know the hidden costs that engaged couples may come across at a very after stage and that can affect the budget after on. By the way: If you choose a wedding planner, you don’t necessarily have to have a large budget. An unforgettable celebration can be made from any budget.


Although a wedding planner costs money, he or she can provide you with incredible value! Their knowledge and contacts will pay off in a very big way. They help you every step of the way and can prevent mistakes that you could make while navigating this job on your own.


Many underestimate the coordination work on the day of the wedding. Who coordinates the service providers and contacts them for possible questions and complications? Who decorates the location before the wedding ceremony and ensures that everything runs smoothly? Who is the contact person for any wishes or last-minute modifications? The wedding planner! He or she takes care that the location is cleaned up again, the tent is taken down the day after, and that all service providers receive their money. The bride and groom, the family and the friends can therefore enjoy a great celebration without common stresses.


No matter if Shabby Chic, Vintage, or even classic. Wedding Planners always have recent trends in mind, which can provide inspiration and creative ideas for the wedding. The most important thing for them is: that every wedding is different, is planned individually, and delivers a unique result.
If you need support with the overall organization, individual areas such as the location search, or even for the support and coordination on your wedding day – check out our incredibly talented wedding pros, including Wedding Planners, at PerfectWeddingGuide.com! Happy planning!

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