Honor Your Mother On Your Wedding Day

Mother’s Day is here and the wedding season starts soon after. To honor, here are some sweet ways to get your mom involved on your wedding day.

1. Place one of the most famous Recipes in Your Menu

Simple, homemade menus, based on traditional family recipes, are just “in”. We see so many couples offering well-known products on the menu and fresh products instead of creating an overly greedy affair. So if your mom makes a cheesecake or apple pie to die for, consider adding it to the reception menu. This is (literally) a sweet way to pay to your dear mother!

2. Make you your Mother, along the Corridor to drive

Go the non-traditional route and invite your mother to walk you down the aisle with your father. This is one of the special moments of your wedding and will give mom the feeling of being included in a memory that she will carry for the rest of her life.

3. Mother-Daughter Dance

Another Time when it is traditionally father’s time to do a special dance with your mother will definitely be emotional! Go even further: instead of doing a slow dance, do a fun choreographed dance, really show your special bond — and entertain your guests.

4. “Something Borrowed”

Let your “borrowed something” be a special piece of your mother. Maybe use a piece of her wedding dress as a handkerchief or as a fabric for the background of her bouquet, or even wear a piece of jewelry that she wore on her wedding day.

5. Give mom a special bouquet or Corsage

Mom wants to stand out! Help her feel special by giving her a unique bouquet or Corsage and really showing your appreciation for everything she does.

6. Add a special note to your program in honor of your mother

Including a sweet note to her mother in the wedding program will not only give her a precious memory that she can bodily remember, but also recognize her appreciation for her on the big day.

7. Treat Yourself to Mom’s Hair and Make-up

Everyone loves a little Glamour, especially if it’s a treat! Help your mom feel beautiful and pamper herself a little on the big day without having to worry about costs.

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