Latest Trends For Your Wedding In This Year

Every New Year brings a lot of wedding trends that will ensure an unforgettable wedding! You can easily integrate these trends into the planning of your wedding without making unnecessary efforts.

With our 10 must-haves you will definitely surprise your guests and celebrate a very special wedding anniversary!

Do not miss the following trends!

Trend 1: geometric wedding bows

Very trendy for a wedding in 2021 are the geometric wedding bows. Especially the “Hexagon” shape, which is totally trendy. You can configure these wedding bows in different variants to best suit your style and wedding theme.

In matter you are wondering what a wedding arch is and what it is used for: your wedding ceremony and ring exchange will take place before or in a wedding arch. This bow will serve as a backdrop for a newlyweds and will attract the attention of your guests to you. Since the wedding trend of the hexagonal wedding arch is a real eye-catcher, it is also perfect as a photo shoot location. So definitely a must-have. 😉

Trend 2: dried flowers as decoration and bridal bouquet

Wedding trends for 2021 include dried flowers as a decoration at your wedding venue or even as a bridal bouquet. With this decoration, a very romantic ambiance is created, and when they are dried, the colors of the flowers are more muted and go in the direction of pastel.

If it resembles your style, you can’t go wrong with a dried bouquet as a bridal bouquet. There are an infinite number of varieties of wedding bouquets with dried flowers. You can also customize the bridal bouquet to match the floral decorations of your place. By the way, a great argument in favor of dried flowers is that you do not have to throw them after your wedding. You can use them as dried flower decorations at home or use them for other celebrations.

Trend 3: Ice cream rolls as a dessert

Often ice swimmers or even cotton candy swimmers are offered at weddings. Among the unusual wedding trends in 2021 are the”Ice Cream Rolls”.

The ice rolls have their origin in Southeast Asia. This delicacy is especially popular in Vietnam and Thailand and is offered there almost at every corner. This trend is now coming all over the world, offering a completely different and new ice cream experience.

If you want to offer your guests a special experience, you can book a supplier of ice cream rolls for your wedding. He or she will prepare an individual ice cream roll cup for your guests. This preparation takes place directly in front of your guests and therefore also serves as enjoyment.

Trend 4: combination instead of wedding dress

The wedding dress is a tradition since the beginning of weddings, which can be interrupted with the trends of the wedding in 2021. Namely, another trend is to wear a jumpsuit instead of a wedding dress. The combination here is classically kept in white color and can be accentuated, for example, by lace.

Whether you want to join this trend as a bride depends on you. Not everyone feels comfortable in a suit or it may not be your idea of the perfect wedding attire. Nevertheless, it is nice to be able to break with old traditions and implement new ideas. If it’s not for the ceremony, think of a jumpsuit for your party or party outfit!

Trend 5: wedding in industrial style

In recent years, the industrial style has arrived in private homes and has now spread to the wedding sector. The trend of the wedding 2021 says that an industrial-style wedding can be very modern and incredibly romantic.

The industrial style itself is very simple and is dominated by metal materials, as well as concrete. However, it can be wonderfully combined with retro lamps, fairy lights, fashionable dried flowers and other decorative elements to create a warm and more gentle atmosphere at your wedding.

Trend 6: Wooden elements

Another trendy style is the use of wooden elements for your wedding. The wooden elements create a connection to nature and can be installed as decoration or even as garden furniture and are a little more rustic.

If you are celebrating outside, wooden elements are a good choice, as they can be optimally integrated into your location. But even in a place that is not outside, the wooden elements can be planned wonderfully.

Trend 7: Donut wedding cake instead of a traditional wedding cake

You probably know the “donut wall”, which has been one of the wedding trends for the last two years. However, for 2021, another donut wedding trend has been added: instead of a classic wedding cake, there is now a donut wedding cake. (Yum!)

The idea comes from the awareness of not wasting too much on food. If you are holding a small wedding celebration and offer a chocolate bar after dinner, it is very likely that there are remnants of the classic wedding cake.

With the wedding cake donut, usually the upper part is a cake of your choice, and the lower layers are made of donuts. You can consult your pastry chef to determine what kind of donut you would like your wedding cake to be in donut. This cake in no matter should not be “unspectacular” – you can also create a special cake with colorful accents or beautiful decorative elements.

Trend 8: Wedding salon

At your wedding in 2021, a “wedding salon” should not be not found. This trend is one of the most popular wedding trends and consists of a small corner in your location where you can relax.

The wedding room, as a rule, has a sofa, one to two armchairs or several chairs. Here, during the celebration, your guests can comfortably settle down and chat or take a break from the party. A wedding salon can be decorated and implemented in different ways. There are no limits to your creativity.

Trend 9: Cocktail show

If you want to offer your wedding guests delicious cocktails and great enjoyment, you certainly can not do without a cocktail show. At a cocktail show, your guests will receive an unforgettable show with perhaps nitrogen and fire from your mixologist.

This cocktail show can be used, for example, as an alternative to the magic show. In any matter, this animation is a highlight of the program that your guests will not forget!

Trend 10: Colorful smoke bombs

Colorful smoke bombs are one of the trends of the 2021 wedding, which on the one hand can be used for wedding photos or as an alternative to doves or balloons after the ceremony.

You can use them to create special effects on photos and make your beautiful wedding moments unforgettable. In addition, you will bring a lot of joy to your wedding guests with such smoke bombs.

Finishing our wedding trend:

As you can see, 2021 has some wedding trends for you and your wedding. Whether and how you want to implement these trends, you have to decide as a couple.

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