Numerous Flowers For Spring Weddings

They get married at one of the most beautiful times of the year, and soon many popular wedding flowers will be seasonal. What does this mean for you? First, you have easier and less expensive access to flowers, such as peonies, which would cost you a pretty penny off-season. And secondly, you can buy locally grown flowers, thereby reducing your ecological footprint and supporting local businesses! Read on and discover 10 beautiful flower varieties of the season this spring.

1. Peony

This beautiful flower is an all-time favorite for brides. It’s the perfect blend of softness and texture, and pastel varieties complement so many wedding color palettes.

2. Pink

Classic and beautiful, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses, a boutonniere or a centerpiece.

3. Fragrant peas

This elegant purple climbing flower adds color and texture wherever it is presented. Beautifully highlighted at a purple-themed wedding or as an accent color, sweet peas are a star of spring!

4. Lilac

Fill your ceremony or reception with this sweetly scented flower and evoke memories of children’s enjoyment, first love and sunny afternoon.

5. Buttercup

Elegant as a peony, but with a little more sharpness, these beauties burst when added to simple flower arrangements.

6. Hydrangea

This full-flowered bloom makes it an excellent stand-alone centerpiece-a great low-cost option!

7. Tulip

Beautiful at a rustic wedding or a colorful modern shop, tulips are a great choice for couples who want a clean look.

8. Calla Lily

Simple and soft, calla lilies are beautifully wrapped in a soft satin ribbon and lovingly held by a bride or bridesmaid

9. Gerbera daisies

Only for brave brides, these colorful spring flowers are ideal for eccentric and fun weddings.

10. Magnolia

As one of the most elegant spring flowers, the magnolia is best worn alone in the aisle to achieve a maximum wow factor.

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