The Trending Alert Of Wedding Boom

According to the New York Times, 2.5 million couples will get married this year -that’s a record since 1984! Call it the year of the wedding boom. With so many couples exchanging vows, it is inevitable that new trends will emerge. Here, the best event planners and caterers share what they are watching.

First, look In front of the pasture

More and more couples are sharing a special moment to take a “first look” at the decor of the place and bring their ideas to life on the wedding day, according to Bill Hansen Catering & Event Production. The moment of the “look in front of the willow” resembles the traditional first devoted look between the bride and groom.

Bridgerton Style String Trio

Couples are turning to pop culture to help set the mood for their big wedding day. In the Netflix hit show Bridegerton, the soundtrack presents classic trios/string quartets playing modern songs by Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Constellation Culinary Group, the official caterer of the Sarasota Art Museum, noticed the change in musical style since the release of the show to offer a classical music component to evoke romance.

A cocktail Before the ceremony

The day of your wedding is a joyful occasion; start it on a light note with cocktails and social time before the ceremony! The Constellation Culinary Group is seeing more and more couples having a cocktail before the ceremony so that their guests can relax and connect with each other instead of just sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Eco-conscious ceremonies

Small marriages and joints have ecological advantages because the awesome statistics of the Green Bride Guide show that about 400 pounds of garbage and more than 60 tons of carbon dioxide make up the cost of an average marriage. Couples who opt for mini weddings and fleeting ones can always celebrate in a grandiose way, with a much smaller production that generates less garbage. Hillsboro Beach Resort has designed a special package for couples who prefer these detail-oriented mini-ceremonies on the beach. With couples opting for devoted romantic celebrations at Hillsboro Beach Resort, invest directly in local businesses while preserving the beach and large sea turtle population with an eco-conscious escape.

Experience Catering With art-Inspired Dishes

The art-inspired restaurants’ cohesive theme offers couples a completely immersive experience to connect with the works that surround them. This new trend of experiential gastronomy is a unique opportunity for art lovers to share classic works of art on their special day and to present an entertaining and innovative menu to their guests.

Constellation Culinary Group, the official catering partner of the Norton Museum of Art, now offers catering menus inspired by famous artists exhibited in the room. An example of a creative restoration inspired by world-famous art, which can be enjoyed at a wedding at the Norton Museum of Art, is that participants can enjoy Campbell’s tomato soup, served with sliced bread in the branded box as an ode to the famous Warhol painting.

The Cake Is Out

The dessert bars are here! Ice cream parlors are in fashion at the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Catering from Constellation Culinary Group, the luxury wedding destination noticed a switch to ice cream bar stations in exchange for wedding cakes. How is the weather melting in Miami? Constellation Culinary supplies the couple with an ice cream truck to prevent the creamy dessert from melting. This alternative is a fun way to break the tradition and offer customers something out of the ordinary.

Scientific marriages

During this year’s wedding boom, couples are trying to mix things up and organize their special day at an unconventional destination. Museums of Sciences Cue! Weddings at a science museum offer couples plenty of space for events, science restaurants, and interactive light shows played with the couple’s favorite rock bands. At the Frost Science Museum, the Constellation Culinary Group includes the topic of science in its innovative menu. Options include a fun chocolate crater dessert served by a pastry chef wearing an astronaut costume and pink hair. Other scientific portions include a Moon Rock Food station with a nitrogen tank, which the chef uses to prepare “moon rocks” (chocolate mousse, frozen in liquid nitrogen) with fillings such as hazelnut ganache for the guests, which emit smoke when they chew. For an hour of cocktails before the reception, the Frost Science Museum is known for its nightly laser light show in the museum’s planetarium, set to a curated selection of music. Highlights include Queen, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana. Constellation Culinary Group serves more than 321 nitro cocktails that are trippy and fun to drink during the night of light, music and science.

A walk into the future

Traditionally, a bride’s walk down the aisle to her future husband was made by a father or parent of the bride, but Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort experienced a twist: the bride’s children and stepchildren accompanied her maternal figure down the aisle. In an unforgettable moment, families celebrate every unique aspect that makes their whole family by integrating small gestures that make a big difference.

A party without parents

Often a wedding is accompanied by the idea that close friends and family take part in the celebrations, but the Hotel Effie is planned to hold a ceremony without parents. This couple embraces the devoted and luxurious escape by having their children participate in the marriage-but not their parents. The Hotel Effie combines the charm of the South with the chic of the Emerald Coast, a jewel for a coastal-inspired wedding that can be adapted to all sizes.

One Last Dance

As soon as all the guests are gone and the evening begins to calm down, the Constellation Culinary Group sees more and more couples who end the night with one last private dance. This devoted moment offers the newlyweds one last special memory that they can keep after the big day.

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